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Knowing Sun Exposure Symptoms Prevents Harmful Long-Term Effects

While we love spending time outside working, playing, and enjoying the sunlight, sun exposure always comes with plenty of risks. During summer and all throughout the year, sunlight passes through abundant clouds. Sun rays even reflect off water, cement, sand, and snow. No matter the season, protecting yourself and your skin is essential. Learn more about how Scalpforce can help you stay sun-safe year-round.

What are UV (ultraviolet) rays? Why are they bad for me?

UV rays are an invisible type of radiation coming from the sun, tanning beds, or sunlamps. While sunlight helps our bodies make vitamin D, too much sun exposure and UV poses a great danger to your skin. They can damage your skin cells and create serious long-term health problems.

Young Woman Without And With Sun Protection Cream On Her Face, C
Dos Don'ts
Keep midday sunbathing to a minimum.Burn. Avoid sunburn at all costs. They increase your skin cancer risk.
Seek shaded areas in heavy sunlight.Assume water, snow, and sand will reduce your UV exposure.
Always use safe UV protection products and sunscreens. Reapply!Use tanning beds.
Keep an eye on the UV Index before planning outside time.Forget your sunglasses and hat. Protect your eyes, face, ears, and neck.
Get vitamin D from your diet and supplements rather than the sun.Schedule lengthy activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when sun rays are strongest.



Scalp + Hair Tonic

8 oz – $26

2 oz – $10



8 oz – $26

2 oz – $10


ScalpForce products provide UV protection. ScalpForce products contain no SPF ingredients.
Reapplying products every two hours in sun exposure elements will maintain maximum protection.

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